First company of INTERLIGHTING group established in 1999. Today, the group has three companies active in different countries; Prague/Czech Republic, Sofia/Bulgaria and Moscow/Russia.
Worldwide inquiries are handled by INTERLIGHTING s.r.o. in Czech Republic.
The main business activity of the group is trading of all types of lighting fixtures for home, commercial & industrial use. Furniture and home interior products are added to the product range in 2006.
INTERLIGHTING designed its first website in 2001 as a static page. It was as a simple information source for the products and contact details. It is converted to an on-line shop with detailed product information and prices in 2007 and continuously improved to be user friendly, practical and informative.

To be able to supply one of the lowest prices on the net, the company optimized its expenses and stopped keeping stock of products in European branches. This decision prolonged the delivery time to 1-4 weeks depending on the producer and brought minimum volume limitation for one shipment as the factories will not deal with very small volume shipments, but allowed to decrease the prices considerably. (Minimum order limits are indicated on details page of each item)

We invite you to browse our product assortment to find a style that is right for you. Please note that, not all of the products are listed on the site. If you can not find a model that you are looking for, you may ask for it by using the form on the  CONTACT  page. If you will have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help.


If you would like to be sure before making a payment, it is easy to verify us:
  • You may verify our existence by using the European Commision VAT number validation  page.
    Please select "CZ-Czech Republic" for member state and enter "25110888" as VAT number or select "BG-Bulgaria" and enter "175158855" as VAT number, then click "Verify".
  • You may verify our export licence by using the European Commision EORI number validation page.
  • We are a verified and confirmed Stripe member with a current, active bank account. We accept credit card payments through Stripe site, meaning we will not receive any details about your payment card or method.
  • We are working directly with most of the producers listed, already for many years. You may call or email producers that we represent, asking about us.
    Please note that, there may be restrictions for some countries, if the producer has an exclusive sales agreement with another company for that region.
  • You may review below the letters of dealership declaration or supplier web-pages that include our contact details.


Some of the objects that we supplied lighting fixtures with respective producers;
• RAMSTORE CITY, Moscow/Russia 2003 - Emergency lighting from SEC,
• RINGROAD TUNNEL, Moscow/Russia 2004 - ExplosionProof Emergency lighting from SEC,
• MOSCOW CITY SKYSCRAPER, Moscow/Russia 2006 - Emergency lighting from SEC,
• PORSCHE CENTER BULGARIA, Sofia/Bulgaria 2007 - Road lighting from SITECO,
• HOTEL DANUBE, Silistra Na Dunae/Bulgaria 2008 - Garden Lighting from SURYA,
• HOME FOR YOU, Sofia/Bulgaria 2008 - Track Lighting from INESLAM,
• MITTAL STEEL, Zenica/Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008 - ExplosionProof lighting from ELEKTROSVIT,
• CONTINETAL REIFEN DEUTCHLAND GmbH, Conti Machinery, Hannover/Germany 2009 - Industrial lighting from VYRTYCH


• Fixed delivery cost to EU countries for any volume, easily calculate the price you will pay,
• 100% Guarantee of original product as the shipment is made directly from the factory,
• Low discount limits resulting in more competitive prices,
• Fair discount calculation; every increase in order total increases discount amount linearly,
• Special Discounts for builders, contractors and trade professionals,
• Intercontinental deliveries, possibility to deliver to any address in the world (in the limits of couriers reach),
   Restrictions may apply, if there is a company with an exclusive sales agreement in a specific region.
• High quality lighting fixtures, carefully produced with attention to every detail,
• Many types of fixtures in one place.